July 4 – Can I attack an embassy?

I have been getting reports all day that more and more supports from MDC are cowering at the imperialist Uncle Sam Embassy and the South African embassy. I was just about to send the Green Bombers over to sort them out when Emerson rang. He claims that dragging these swine out of the embassies is counter to some stupid international law and it would cause an international incident. There is just something wrong in the world when an evil maniacal dictator can’t beat his people when and where he wants!!!

Emerson has become such a toe rag since he began to think that he is going to be my successor. Maybe I should invite Joyce and Salomon over for dinner just to yank his chain!! Ha ha ha!

I also had a briefing that Botswana is massing forces on the border. What in god’s name is Khama thinking, doesn’t he know who he is dealing with??!!! Mad Bob the scourge of Southern Africa!

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