July 19- Nelson ain’t right in the head!

Who comes out of 26 years in prison, becomes elected the first black president of South Africa and then doesn’t rape pillage and plunder the place into the dark ages, I ask you??? He doesn’t hate white guys, he preaches multiculturalism and then he stands down after only one term in office. Just when he should be in the prime of his plundering age, he gives it up to become a goodwill ambassador and stumps around the world to raise money for aids victims. They say I’m the guy that gives leaders a bad name in Africa, but he is the one that is going against every standard set by a generation of African leaders. The pattern is pretty standard, come in on a wave of optimism, say that you are going to tackle poverty, illiteracy and corruption and then find a country where the banks don’t ask too many questions and start filling your private accounts. There is never a question about how much you steal, it’s just that you hang on as long as you can until the old ticker gives out, beating, killing and maiming your opposition along the way. That is the model of African leadership, not Madiba, but me!!!

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