June 21- Cabin Fever

Was feeling the effects of cabin fever. I have been working so hard on preparing for the next round of peace talks, so I told Gracie that we should get out of Harare and take the old Triumph down to Kutama. While we were driving around I saw a bunch of people out working in the field. Gracie and I parked the Triumph and went to talk with them. I asked them what they were doing. They said that do to the economic crisis they had brought the whole family out to plant food just to survive. I noticed that they were all wearing boots and I commented on the fact that when I took power in Zimbabwe 28 years ago, no one had boots when they worked in the field. One of the men that was planting corn looked up and said; ‘Of course we never use to wear boots in the field, we weren’t this deep in s**t then!’

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