July 23- He is my invertebrate

Geeeez!! A guy says a few nice things about a fellow Head of State and I get a bunch of guff from the people that I work with. Just because I said a couple of nice things about Thabo at the ceremony the other day, I had to suffer snickers and sneers every office I walked into, it was just intolerable!!! OK, OK, OK, yes I have been known, upon occasion, for saying something pejorative or demeaning about the little mutant. But, just because I am a maniacal evil dictator doesn’t mean I can’t say something nice about someone else! I really don’t see what it matters that I have referred to him as a loathsome toad or a slithering newt. As I have maintained all along, Thabo maybe an invertebrate, but he is my invertebrate!

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