July 29: Just like Sex In The City

When Bright Matonga told the press that ?life was good under Mugabe?, I didn?t realise he was referring to Sharon Mugabe. What the hell has he been playing at??! His love-life reads like an omnibus edition of Sex In The City (although even I would have to admit that he?s more of a turn-on than that Sarah Jessica Parker). Even when I was screwing Grace behind Sally?s back, I knew which bed I was supposed to be crawling into each night!

Speaking of memory loss, is Sharon Mugabe really claiming that we are unrelated?? Nice try love, but our surname isn?t exactly the Zimbabwean equivalent of ?Smith? , is it? But my (murmuring) heart does go out to poor old Zogwa Ngwenya – not content with being named after a dyslexic?s nightmare, now she has to find out through the tabloids that the father of her child isn?t just sleeping with her AND his wife, but now a Mugabe as well! Sounds to me like she?s stuck between a cock and a hard face.

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