July 31: Pesky zeroes…

There has been a great deal of speculation in the press as to why we have gone ahead and slashed the zeros from the currency. Much of this speculation has centred around the idea that the business leaders have asked the central bank governor to lop off the numbers. There have been statements claiming business leaders asked Gideon to remove nine zeroes from the currency, which would mean a 100 billion dollar note – Zimbabwe’s largest note – would become $100. These banking leaders were meant to have argued that the country’s payment system could not handle figures above a $1 trillion, therefore the need to cut the zeroes.

I was even led to believe that this was the truth of the matter by none other than Gideon himself when we discussed the currency at the recent meeting. I even signed off the idea of striking off the zeros and figured that was the end of the story. Or at least that was until I received a message from Gideon sent me mock up of the new money.


It turns out that Gideon’s little toadstool of a nephew is moron and couldn’t reformat the money to add the zeros, so this is what we are stuck with.

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