August 1: I’m no Figurehead!

There has been a lot of speculation about my future role in the new Government of National Unity that is currently being negotiated in Pretoria. My opponents in these negotiations have suggested that I take on a ceremonial role a titular head of the Zimbabwean government. I want to be very adamant about this point, I am not a figurehead, as one of my Zanu-PF officials was quoted as saying; “Mugabe is not going to be the [ceremonial] queen of Zimbabwe,” If I am going to be anything I am going to be the real queen of Zimbabwe! I have had enough of this pretense of hiding in the closet and not being the real me!!! Until now I have succumbed to external pressure, social and cultural mores and I have not been true to myself!!!!

I went and had a chat with Emerson about this whole queen thing. When I told him that I wanted to declare myself the queen of Zimbabwe, he got a really funny look on his face. When he looked at the language I intended to use in my speech, he said unless I plan to say this at a ‘Gay Pride’ rally, I should really revise what I was saying unless I want to declare I am a homosexual. I’m no shirtlifter either!

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