August 23 – The Power of Persuasion!

Wow, this brainwashing technique that Thabo brought up for the negotiations is really beginning to pay off. I must admit that I thought the whole idea that you could affect someone’s mind so much that you could get them to do and say what you wanted. I would not have believed it unless I had heard for myself, but in Mutambara’s recent interview with Geraldine Doogue of Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he sounds just like me!!! Actually old Arthur is showing such great promise that he may one day be a white hating egomaniacal African leader like me! I loved the line claiming he was smarter than all of them because he had gone to Oxford, what hyperbolic rhetoric, my favourite way to avoid the tough questions. I haven’t heard anyone attack the Aussie, Pongs and Yanks with such zeal since, well…… Well I guess the last time I took a bash at them. It really makes one feel all warm inside when one can find a kindred spirit.

It’s too bad we haven’t had as much luck brainwashing that annoying Tsvangirai. I thought we almost had him before his toadies dragged him out of one of our meetings. They must have slapped him around to bring him back to his senses. I am hoping that my threat to swear in parliament will scare those cretins in MDC back to the negotiating table so Thabo and I can get back to brainwashing.

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